Actions are a first class interface for interacting directly with the integrations we support. Actions provide a significantly better developer experience than making a raw API call to the downstream platform by:

  1. Validating API responses and request inputs.
  2. Providing well documented APIs so you don’t need to refer to the downstream provider’s documentation.
  3. Applying standardization across common data types and fields: All dates are returned as ISO strings, all ids are returned as strings, etc.
  4. Simplifying use cases for common workflows and handling common quirks in the integration.
  5. Strongly typed SDK.

In general, actions are meant to make interfacing with downstream providers as effortless and efficient as possible.

OSS Repo

Actions are located in our integrations library which is fully OSS. You can view all actions and contribute new ones here


To request a new integration please use our Canny board